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  • product name: Laser TV to a large number of listed high-end market will be swept

Traditional home projector sales have been not high, even if the count of more than 2,000 yuan of goods, the whole year of sales in China, but also the level of 100,000 units. While the high-end home projector sales in recent years is always maintained at about 10,000 units. Can be seen even if more than 10 million people in China, on the high-end projector to bear the extent of how low. Although the high-end projector at every turn thirty thousand yuan offer is not low, but our people are not without spending, eleven crazy throw each year to spend a luxury army enough to confirm the cost of my most people.
And burst black technology: laser TV to a large number of listed, high-end market will be swept


Traditional projection shaking laser TV will sweep high-end shopping malls

High-end home projector sold is not just because the offer is high, in fact, many people on the home projector does not recognize. High-end home projector bulky, large weight, the foundation are selected hoisting method. So if not pre-planned, late plan to purchase high-end home projector, then the face of the decoration of the doubt. In addition, the projector is also a question of trouble, power lines, data lines and network lines into a mess, if not take the ceiling, it looks very messy.
And burst black technology: laser TV to a large number of listed, high-end market will be swept

Traditional high-end home projector equipment conditions harsh

There is also the death of the point that is high-end home projector is usually the specification of the focus of the goods. As the short focus will form the color is not very good, so high-end home projector usually requires a long projector interval. So that some small units of the base there is no way to project a large picture. If it is 80 inches of the screen level, there is no more than 60 inches of LCD TV too much, visual impact on the ground not. In addition, the energy consumption of bulbs, as well as the number of longevity doubt, light bulb doubt and the curtain of the purchase and device questions, etc., can say that high-end home projector is not usually people can afford to bear the goods.

According to the above factors, high-end home projector to sell this move. But now high-end home projector has a new direction: laser TV. This kind of new commodity, summarizes the advantages of laser light source and the reflection of ultra-short focus projection technology. It handles a lot of questions, such as the projector interval, the traditional projector needs 2 to 3 meters projection interval, and laser TV is only half a meter demand; traditional projector bulbs using 4000 hours on the brightness half, but the laser TV Can use more than 20,000 hours.
And burst black technology: laser TV to a large number of listed, high-end market will be swept

Laser TV short focus + laser advantage so that this commodity has the characteristics of the cost of the masses

Laser TV also has many advantages, such as color advantage, the screen scale is large enough, and so on, but its most important is the short projection interval and the long life of the laser light source link. The connection between the two makes the laser TV have more of it. Which makes the laser TV has become a potential consumer spending, can be applied to most of the living room, cooperation anti-light screen can provide a bright picture of the screen. With the laser TV offer declining, the future of laser TV's potential will be beyond the traditional high-end home projector.
And burst black technology: laser TV to a large number of listed, high-end market will be swept

Laser TV will be kneading the traditional high-end home projector living space

The traditional high-end home projection future competitiveness will gradually decline, although it will gradually advance the laser light source, but its use method is still unable to compare with the laser TV. Its request for the use of the environment is too high, must not be accustomed to a wide range of device environment. And the laser TV's goals are constantly qualifying, the future of the traditional home projector color, brightness, resolution and other hard targets are no significant advantages. And follow the laser TV throughout the laser TV demonstration effect will gradually highlight the future of the traditional high-profile home projector projector will be smaller and smaller.




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