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  • product name: Home appliance retail giants can sell cars like selling cars?

For Suning, Gome, such as home appliance retail giants, they firmly believe that "cars are large appliances," more importantly, they have a more extensive coverage, network density higher line of the number of physical stores, and through the build line Combined with the line under the dual channel model, which will help solve the current sales of pain in the automotive industry.


Right now, home appliance giants seem to have been unwilling to sell only home appliances or other digital products, and they began to sell a strong interest.


For some time, home appliance retail giant Suning, the United States involved in car sales news triggered a sustained attention inside and outside the automotive industry. It is reported that the United States will build online and offline under the dual channel marketing system, to build a vehicle sales, car finance, used cars, car insurance, travel services and other auto industry chain, including the round car in the country to build 4000 Independent stores. And last year, Suning has opened a number of stores in Beijing, the vehicle retail. Suning Yun Shang Automobile Automobile Business Center Deputy General Manager Cao Daming said, Suning to break the current single brand sales system, the establishment of automotive supplies collection retail platform.


When more and more car dealers are complaining about "days sad", Suning, Gome is "the opposite", the business tentacles to the field of car sales, which really let the outside pinch a sweat.


Now, the outside world is anxious to know is that Suning, Gome this time the possibility of cross-border success how much they sell cars will be the same as selling wind and water? This can give the car in the transition period, What is the change in the post-car market?


In fact, from a worldwide perspective, selling cars in the home appliance store is nothing new, but also no lack of success stories. Relevant data show that the second largest US retailer Costco (good city) the annual sales of the scale has exceeded 400,000, with its cooperation in the number of dealers has reached more than 3,000, the scale of sales after the largest US auto dealers Group AutoNation. In addition, the world's largest retailer Wal-Mart also plans to jointly with the United States, the largest auto dealer AutoNation and several partners to start the car sales project, each Wal-Mart is expected to sell new cars and used cars 1000 per year.


However, in the field of domestic automobile circulation, in 2005 introduced the "car brand sales management approach" has established the existing brand licensing sales system, which for improving the level of car marketing and service has played a positive role, but also gave birth to the 4S shop Of the monopoly sales model, this distribution model not only has long been criticized, which led to inadequate competition in the automotive market, zero for the imbalance, the quality of service and other issues have become increasingly prominent.


There is no doubt that as an expensive commodity, offline physical network is essential for car sales.


From the current point of view, many car brands 4S shop service can only cover the area around the store and more and more 4S shop has been relocated to the urban fringe area, which often to the car sales and maintenance business to carry a lot of restrictions, For Suning, Gome, such as home appliance retail giants, they firmly believe that "cars are large appliances," more importantly, they have a more extensive coverage, network density higher number of offline stores, and through the online and Line combination of dual channel mode, which will help solve the current sales of pain in the automotive industry. For example, the United States this year will be 1700 stores (including large and medium electrical) most of the stores, all converted into a car showroom.


On the other hand, it does not seem to be good news for traditional car dealers. Car dealers have issued a similar concern: Suning, Gome such retail chain companies have high-density sales outlets, once the car authorized, they will form a strong impact on the existing dealers.


Gome Automotive General Manager Chen Ran claimed that the United States and the United States will not grab car dealers business, but to do their service providers. In other words, the country itself does not sell cars, but to provide a trading place, dealers, car prices can cooperate with the country to sell cars, and ultimately play a "car + home appliances" integrated store model.


Of course, there are also views that similar to Suning, Gome such an outsider spoiler, the short term is difficult in the automotive industry set off too much spray.


Even if the "shopping mall" is a long-term trend, home appliance retailers and car dealers can also be a smooth cooperation, but its profit model requires a long period of running and the game can gradually shape.


In particular, it is worth noting that, due to a lot of car manufacturers a serious excess capacity, coupled with the dealer to impose unreasonable business policy, the current more and more car dealers there is a price upside down, that is, the new car price is lower than its purchase price , Which has become a common phenomenon in the automotive industry, a serious threat to the survival and development of car dealers. In this case, the car dealer seems to be difficult to share with the home appliance retailers a share. In addition, home appliance retail giants to provide users with quality service experience, it is bound to have a car professional team or car sales professionals to do security, which in the short term home appliance retail giant is undoubtedly a huge challenge, need to pay more More time and effort.


It is worth mentioning that the new version of the "car sales management approach" will be released in the near future, the management approach will break the brand licensing sales a single model, to promote authorized sales and unauthorized sales parallel, the implementation of diversified sales model, to stimulate market vitality, Promote market competition, improve circulation efficiency, reduce the cost of circulation is of great significance.


There are experts in the automotive industry that the future, the car sales channels will be moving in a diversified direction to Suning, Gome as the representative of the new channel to explore the sale is also worthy of encouragement, but can not go through depends on whether the profit , Can really fit the needs of consumers, to bring convenience and benefits to consumers.




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