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  • Product details: Now this era, the physical retail industry is facing an unprecedented operating difficulties, the impact of electricity on the store, so that the operators are scared of the line. In this context, the...
  • Product details: April, for this year's home appliance manufacturers marketing work, is essential. Regardless of the next two quarters, and how the market situation in the second half of the change, to seize the curre...
  • Product details: For Suning, Gome, such as home appliance retail giants, they firmly believe that "cars are large appliances," more importantly, they have a more extensive coverage, network density higher line of the ...
  • Product details: Traditional home projector sales have been not high, even if the count of more than 2,000 yuan of goods, the whole year of sales in China, but also the level of 100,000 units. While the high-end home ...




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