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  • product name: Detonated season second quarter appliance market war should be so dry
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  • Added time: 2017-05-03
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April, for this year's home appliance manufacturers marketing work, is essential. Regardless of the next two quarters, and how the market situation in the second half of the change, to seize the current market opportunities must firmly grasp, can not have the slightest hesitation. Because, in April the success of the market operation is directly related to the May market season detonated, and the entire first half of the home appliance market perfect ending.


Just in the past quarter, due to the Spring Festival ahead, resulting in a lot of household electrical appliance enterprises in early February will start a season ahead of the market opening battle. Successful use of a home appliance raw material prices of the outlet, to all levels of the market's retail channels Yahuo, replenishment, so that the white market ushered in a long absence of the opener. Kitchen appliances and small appliances also maintained a good momentum of development.


But the first quarter of the opener, but can not let the whole appliance manufacturers feel at ease. Because a large number of shipments are not concentrated in the end market consumers to buy, but in many businesses among the warehouse. Once 4,5 months of these stocks can not ship the goods as soon as possible flood discharge, will undoubtedly encounter a "unprecedented" inventory barrier lake, shake the confidence of home appliance business groups. This is what many home appliance manufacturers are most worried and nervous things.


In this situation, the April home appliance marketing is only one core, that is, regardless of shipping, only catch the promotion. Must be in the household electrical appliance enterprises at all levels of the market and marketing systems at all levels, set off a full promotion, full sale of the big boom: marketing director personally grasp, marketing manager every day, business shopping guide from time to time dry.


All home appliance manufacturers must be aware from the strategic, April market war is a sustained, long promotion month, month activities. All resources, strength and activities must be put into the front line of various promotional activities to go. Must ensure that the home appliance retail outlets have a theme that week, Zhou week activities, field field for detonation.


At the same time in the form and content of promotional activities, we should pay attention to the integration of various forces and resources. On the one hand to strengthen the manufacturers of the theme of the activities detonated, between the manufacturers of joint promotions detonated, and businessmen self-promotion detonated; on the other hand will strengthen in addition to comprehensive promotional offers and none other, to be good at manufacturing products and products as the center of the special Promotions and promotions, such as Haier brand day, the United States and the brand day, as well as air-conditioning section, ice wash, home improvement section, etc., fully integrated forces and resources to the terminal to promote and activities to go.


At this moment, any appliance manufacturers can no longer have "and so on, by, see" mentality, must be the main move, take the initiative Sword. Promotional activities no matter how effective, regardless of whether the content is homogeneous, we must first do it again, engage in speaking again. Activities, the core is that since the living, we must move up, can not be dead, a pool of stagnant water; not just want to Yahuo, do not want to ship!




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