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  • product name: Physical retail environment down to improve the performance of business operators
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  • Added time: 2017-05-03
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Now this era, the physical retail industry is facing an unprecedented operating difficulties, the impact of electricity on the store, so that the operators are scared of the line. In this context, the physical retail want to rise, for the understanding of consumers, know what they want is the operator to maintain profitability of the key.


Consumers of this era are different from their fathers, and now 80,90 as the main consumer, their preferences are also affecting the trend of the entire retail industry, and this part of the crowd is also redefining the imprint of the times Consumption habits. How should retail operators manage them?


Overall, the retail industry operators can adjust from the following aspects.


As if the retailers were aware of this, standing in the consumer's position, there was an improvement in the way of retailing, to facilitate the life of consumers, to buy, then it is bound to be Get the favor of consumers.


According to "China's retail industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" forecast, by 2020 the global retail mobile payment scale will reach 5,000 a dollar. Mobile payment has clearly become the industry trend, therefore, for the operators, if not conform to this trend, it is bound to be left behind by other players, lost market share.


Moreover, on the basis of mobile payment, businesses can have more model changes, such as the introduction of credit cards, consumer finance and so on. For consumers to bring the greatest consumer convenience, but also to improve consumer loyalty.


In addition, today's consumers in the shopping, shopping the most troubled thing is to carry a large bag, to carry out other entertainment projects inconvenience. If the business can provide door-to-door service, and to ensure the aging, the consumer is also a kind of attraction. Now UPS and other international express giants have been in the retail industry for logistics and other supporting services to start the layout.


Now for consumers, shopping in those traditional stores is indeed out of date. But because consumers have been in the pursuit of the ultimate experience, so for businesses, there is still a chance. Consumer shopping is only a need for a commodity, but if the business can provide consumers with their lives related to the "product portfolio", then there will be a better effect.


But want to do this, the need for businesses to buy the consumer preferences have enough understanding, they can have been purchased through the items to make predictive analysis and recommendations. In short, businesses want to establish contact with consumers, it is best built on a single consumer in-depth understanding of the basis. Want to do this, you need to spend large data on the support of this tool.


For the retail industry, the future is still a long way to go, need to improve the place is still a lot, only the retail model continues to optimize, in order to better serve the consumer, but also for the enterprise to bring more profits.




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